A Possible Planet (Book)

The vision of a Green World is not fantasy; nor, however, is it realistic. What it is, is possible.” (Charles Eisenstein, Climate: A New Story, 2018, p.278)


A Possible Planet (the book)

The ideas on this site are the basis for the book that we’re working on, entitled A Possible Planet. An interim outline is reproduced here, and elements of the book are scattered throughout the site.

If you’re interested in supporting our work, you can pre-order the book and receive draft sections as they are completed, for a donation of $20 or more, in dollars or in Common Good™ Credits. 


A Possible Planet

Designing a Better Future

Profitable Solutions for People and Planet

Restoring the Earth and Regenerating Community

Shifting the Paradigm

Jonathan Cloud (with Victoria Zelin and Gus Escher)

Center for Regenerative Community Solutions

Latest Update: Tuesday, September 12, 2017



Our Approach: Coming from the Future

Restoring the Earth’s Regenerative Capacity

Appropriate Solutions

Rebalancing Carbon


Global 4C

Dirt, Soil, and Carbon Farming

Food Security: Local and Organic

Clean Energy

Why Do We Still Need War?

The Global Brain and the Possibility of Cosmic Consciousness

Earth Awareness (and Pachamama)

Global Governance, Local Fulfilment

Regenerative Development & Design

Permaculture Design Principles

Growth and Decay


Coding for Nature – Being Nature’s Advocate, Systems Thinking

Economic Resiliency

Social Resiliency

Regenerating Communities, One at a Time

Local Community Engagement

Local Economies

Ecovillages and Cohousing

Changing Money and Investment

Regenerative Finance


Complementary Currencies – Common Good Credits

Global 4C

Investment Cooperatives


Finding and Restoring Your Own Community

A World that Works for All of Us

More Food for Thought (challenges of cooperation, more possible futures)

Possibility – Opportunity – Action – Breakdown & Recovery – Rinse & Repeat