Regenerative Financing

Regenerative Financing

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The goal of regenerative development is to enhance the conditions for sustainable growth — that is, growth that enriches our environment and habitat rather than depleting its life-giving capacity. We can create a world that is in harmony with nature, and thus capable of producing a genuine surplus to meet the needs of life for all beings on Earth.

Specifically, our organizational focus has been “financing the transition,” which is to say the transition to a more sustainable energy system, by reducing waste and switching to renewable sources. Only a society that aims for self-renewal will be capable of sustaining the world’s population without rapidly depleting our natural capital, polluting our environment, and rendering large parts of the Earth uninhabitable.

One of the greatest barriers to climate security is lack of access to appropriate capital.

Finance as a Tool for Good

We know that the key to changing the world is providing the right incentives, and this informs our financing innovations, which are designed to support ecological restoration and community regeneration.

Also regenerative finance means that the projects that are financed have the interests of all stakeholders in mind (not just the owners/developers/contractors, but “the public, “the local economy and the specific community where the work is being done). The projects themselves are regenerative in some way — adding “living” value — and taking into consideration unintended consequences. Doing no harm to the community and looking to benefit the community which grants it a right to operate.

We design and implement tools that provide financial incentives to do the things that need to be done, principally in the following areas:

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What you will find in the pages that follow are our approaches and those of our partners to solving major issues and problems using finance as a tool to reward and incentivize the behaviors we are catalyzing, including as stakeholders:

  • the public
  • designers and developers
  • commercial real estate owners
  • the clean energy industry
  • local economies

— so all stakeholders are winning. Regenerative solutions are inherently win-win-win, as a recognition of a triple bottom line.

People of all socioeconomic levels  want to live in diverse communities aligned with Nature, sharing and caring, etc.

What we want people to see are the economic opportunities as well as the challenges lying ahead for the planet.

This is where finance comes in. These are issues that regenerative finance is solving, and we have some solutions.

Financing what needs to get done:

Clean Energy ~ Eco-Community Living Development ~ Global 4C: The Risk Costs of Catastrophic Climate Change

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