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We are the Mother Ship for Earth Regenerators and Barichara Ecoversity, and we invite you to make donations to each of these projects individually.

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Originally incorporated as the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions in 2013, Possible Planet supports a wide range of local, regional, and global projects, including Possible Rochester, Earth Regenerators, Barichara Ecoversity, New Jersey PACE, Ecovillage NJ, Ecovillagers Alliance, and more. Your donation to us helps us maintain and expand our initiatives and our support for them.

As many are aware, unrestricted donations are the most valuable to us, as we can use them to support new projects and offset our very real administrative and other costs, allowing 100% of your donations to specific projects to go to them directly without fiscal sponsorship fees. By clicking the Donate button below, you can give to CRCS/Possible Planet for our costs.