Earth Regenerators

We’re very pleased to announce that Possible Planet is now a fiscal sponsor for the Earth Regenerators network in the U.S.

This allows the group, which is raising money to establish an Ecoversity—a bioregional learning center—in Barichara, Columbia, as well as for other projects around the world, to offer tax receipts to U.S. donors.

Earth Regenerators (or “ER” for short) is a remarkable global community that has grown up around the work of Joe Brewer, including his 2021 book The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth. Brewer describes himself as “a complexity researcher and a transdisciplinary scholar who has devoted his life to helping humanity through the sustainability bottleneck.” He is also a hands-on restorer of degraded lands, watersheds, and bioregions; an articulate and self-aware servant leader; a cultural evolutionary and profoundly inspiring teacher.

The community he has inspired has developed numerous self-directing groups, including a regenerative projects incubator, a bioregional catalysts group, and a fund governance group to manage the rapidly growing funding that is available to the group. The Fund Governance group will manage the distribution of funds raised by Possible Planet, most likely channeling them through a Colombian nonprofit foundation for on-the-ground projects.

So you’ll be hearing a lot more from us about this network, which is “leading from the emerging future” and creating cultural scaffolding for a collapse-aware community of bioregional catalysts and ecosystem restoration activists. We hope you will check out and join us at

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