The Possible Planet Virtual Reality Simulation of a Regenerative Future [I]

Possible Planet as a Virtual Reality Simulation of a Regenerative Future

What’s important about the “Possible Planet” metaphor is that it both opens up a new realm of exploration and discovery — and it grounds that realm in reality, in existence. We grant existence to things by naming them, and describing them, and using this creative process as a basis for action. Creation is not just haphazard; it arises from our very nature and is part of what gives us being in the world.

Simply by recognizing the “possibility” of Possible Planet provides it with at least a first foothold in reality. If it does nothing more than open up a new realm of thinking that in itself accomplishes enough to alter the course of history: ideas represent steps forward in our consciousness.


A Model for Simulating Scenarios and Solutions

What we can conceive is a four-dimensional virtual reality model of the planet (something like the “Holodeck” in Star Trek), which allows us to simulate scenarios and possible solutions, and examine the outcomes based on the assumptions built into the model.