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Regenerate the Colorado River Basin

Those among us who are ready to devote our lives to regenerating the Earth must dare to dream beyond what feels possible today. 

Regenerating the Earth as a whole will require that we learn to see, understand, and care for the living nature and nested realities of Earth systems. To learn to do that, we are prototyping how to steward and regenerate the entire Colorado River Basin. This is the scale at which we feel we must learn to act. Now we’re exploring how as a Basin and its communities within, we can come together to create fields of caring and collaboration where Earth regeneration becomes possible.

On September 15, a core group of landscape leaders from across the Colorado River Basin will be gathering in the headwaters near Carbondale, Colorado, to increase our collaborative potential and to forge a shared connection to one of the origins of our river. From there, our vision for learning how to regenerate the Colorado will take on more potency and form. 

Below are two videos to learn more:

Short version:

More of the story:


We will be a group of landscape leaders who represent the whole, from Paonia and Carbondale in the Colorado Rockies, from Superior, Arizona near the Gila tributary in the Sonoran Desert, and from Mexicali, Mexico near the dried Delta of the Colorado. 

Please donate to our cause and help this story to continue coming to life. As a donor, you will be participating in a place-based learning and action ecosystem where we’re coming together to learn how to heal the Earth, and often ourselves. You will also receive regular video updates to join the experience and we’re planning some more participatory zoom calls so you can hear stories directly from landscape leaders and discover if there’s a deeper role you might like to play. 

Onward and thank you for being a part of this…