The Possible Planet Game

The Possible Planet Game

The Possible Planet Game is one that all of us can play. It’s a vehicle for transforming our world. Indeed it’s possible that there are multiple Possible Planet Games, and we intend to welcome submissions through our portal.  The “original” Possible Planet Game — this one — is a challenge to create new visions of a positive future.

If we keep going the way we’re going, as the Chinese proverb says, we’ll end up where we’re headed. Our intention is to make a new path by walking it.


The Objective of the Game is to Create Designs for a World that Works

Broadly speaking, the Game allows us to create designs for a world that works for everyone. In principle, creating such a world actually requires each one of us to envision and articulate it, for everyone has a voice, a set of needs and wants, and something that they are capable of contributing. So what’s your vision?

A game is a metaphor, a model, a board or space on which to play out stories of winning and losing; it has roles, rules, and players. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to develop a winning strategy to make the world a better place for everyone.

In theory, the Game should allow us to create four-dimensional models of a positive future; not just a static utopia, but an evolving and self-actualizing future that continues to present us with existential challenges. There is a history to the possibility of devoting our lives to creating a world that works for everyone, and we explore it here: Our goal in the Game we are playing today is to create a parallel universe that offsets and compensates for the self-harming world that we currently live in, and play a role in maintaining. Once we can see a better approach, we can choose the future we wish to live into, not as a fantasy, but as a stand.

You play by making a contribution. It’s always your turn. You’re welcome to choose a role — entrepreneur, community leader, mentor, coach, umpire/moderator — or invent one of your own.

Taking to the Field

Here’s one possible challenge or playing field: what will it take to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

The 17 goals

And here are the Targets and Indicators.

Come up with practical solutions, and post them here and throughout our family of web sites:,,,, and elsewhere. We’ll give you credits that you can use to put your ideas into practice and engage others in playing the Game with you.

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