Clean Energy Finance: PACE, DREEM, and NICCE

Clean Energy Finance: PACE, DREEM, and NICCE

Forty percent of the world’s carbon emissions come from buildings, so with appropriate technologies and financing approaches there’s no reason why we can’t reduce our emissions — cutting these emissions in half if not more.

But until recently the incentives have not been good enough. Now, with programs like PACE, all stakeholder interests are aligned, and therefore the only impediment to doing these projects — which incidentally create local jobs, and upgrade and update the overall value and vibrancy of the community — is lack of awareness and information.


Driving the Market for Clean Energy Improvements

As a nonprofit, it’s not just incumbent on us to do the work, it’s also important to make sure everyone knows and understands the underlying logic of our economy. Therefore we adopt approaches that work with communities to get the word out.

We did not invent PACE, but we’ve been the leading advocates for PACE in NJ for the last 5 years, and the other approaches are ones we’ve created through the needs and opportunities to get this work done, driven by our commitment to not be stopped in getting these projects done, and minimizing further emissions, which we hope will be useful nationally and even globally.


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