The Possible Planet Network

The Possible Planet Network

“Transforming the World, and Ourselves”

Note: The Possible Planet Network (PPN) is under development at this time. We invite your comments and suggestions (at the bottom of the page). Access to this page is by special invitation only.

This page sets forth a draft of the principal elements of the Possible Planet Network (PPN) as of December 2018.

The vision of a Green World is not fantasy; nor, however, is it realistic. What it is, is possible.(Charles Eisenstein, Climate: A New Story, 2018, p.278)

Mission and Vision

To provide an opportunity for everyone to make their unique contribution to preserving the possibility of intelligent life on the planet, engaging members in creating a resilient, sustainable, and regenerative future.

  • The Network provides a range of possibilities and opportunities to members
  • It offers special content and provides a special social-media meta-platform
  • It offers a number of special projects and programs, from participation in the Possible Planeteers Youth Corps, to job opportunities in sustainable enterprises, to regenerative financing and investment opportunities and more
  • Members share a commitment to expanding Earth Awareness, working to restore ecologically-damaged areas, and financing the transition to a thriving clean economy



Basic membership is $10 a month or $100 a year. Membership requires completing an application and an orientation session. Members will be invited to join semi-autonomous membership circles, using the dynamic governance model. Additional levels of membership may be designated at a later date. Members agree to get more out of their participation in the Network than they put into it, by becoming engaged in some aspect of the organization that most interests them and that furthers the interests of the whole.



The principal objective of the PPN is to provide members with compelling opportunities to serve the needs of the Earth, while gaining knowledge, leadership skills, and a sense of the accomplishment of a meaningful contribution to creating a common future. Through the work of PPN members, projects and programs can be advanced that address some of the most urgent issues of climate change, habitat and biodiversity loss, and social conflict.

Real change will occur by sharing ideas, information, and transformational technologies, and by collaborating on carefully-defined projects. The Network will serve the needs of its members, and the members will sustain the operations of the organization.

Sub-objectives can be addressed through specific projects and programs, beginning with those that are already under way at Possible Planet:

  • Telling a New Story of the Past and of the Future
  • Innovations in clean energy finance, community currencies, and sustainable investment, including
    • Global4C: A Global Carbon Reward program enabled through a central-bank monetary policy of “Green Quantitative Easing”
    • Tax-advantaged nonprofit solar projects
    • Origination of commercial clean energy projects
  • Possible Planeteers Youth Corps and the Earth Academy
  • Media opportunities through Planet Earth Trek and the Possible Planet Game
  • Eco-Community living through Ecovillage NJ and the Ecovillagers Alliance
  • Citizen science and Earth engineering, including the management of Spaceship Earth’s critical life support systems
  • Earth Awareness: Understanding Gaia and our place in the universe
  • Sounding the Alarm on the Climate Emergency in our backyard


Key Messages

From Big World Small Planet, by Johan Rockström, Executive Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre:

  1. Open Your Eyes
  2. The Crisis is Global and Urgent
  3. Everything is Hyper-Connected
  4. Expect the Unexpected
  5. Respecting Planetary Boundaries
  6. The Global Mind Shift
  7. Preserving the Remaining Beauty on Earth
  8. We Can Turn Things Around
  9. Unleashing Innovation
  10. First Things First


On the Global Mind Shift, see also


  1. Waking Up to What’s Happening All Around Us
  2. Sounding the Alarm: The Crisis is Real and Already Happening
  3. But There’s Still Time to Make a Difference
  4. Everything is Interconnected
  5. Understanding the Planet’s Life Systems
  6. Transforming the Collective Consciousness
  7. Restoring the Earth’s Regenerative Capacity
  8. The Future as Possibility
  9. What To Do Now: Creating Community, Sharing Empowerment, Taking Action
  10. Transforming Ourselves



A formal charter for the Network is to be developed, setting forth the public purposes of the organization, the rights and responsibilities of members, procedures for resolving disputes, etc. Overall financial and general management of the PPN will be provided by Possible Planet, a dba of the Center for Regenerative Community Solutions, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


New PPN Logo — Needed








PPN Web Site

The PPN web site will be a social-media “meta-platform,” allowing members to “aggregate” their social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in order to display their public information without re-entering it, while adding unique information to their profile pages that’s only aimed at other PPN members.

The front page will show a rotating list of “featured members,” along with links to the other features of the Network:

  • Meaningful Volunteering
  • Jobs & Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Eco-Living Communities
  • Co-Creative
  • Planeteers
  • Regenerative Financing
  • Special Projects
  • PPN Updates
  • Resources
  • Partners



Program Areas

Members of PPN have access to all of our Possible Planet programs, as well as some special initiatives that are exclusive to members.

  1. Regenerative Financing — including Global4C; PACE, NICCE, and DREEM; Common-Good Currency, and more
  2. Eco-Community Living — including Ecovillage NJ and Ecovillagers Alliance
  3. Co-Creation of Messaging and Media — including Planet Earth Trek and the Possible Planet Game
  4. Possible Planeteers Youth Corps
  5. Earth Awareness Initiatives — including Awakening a New Collective Consciousness, Ecological Economics, and Citizen Earth Science
  6. Partner Initiatives — including Project Drawdown, the Foundation for Climate Restoration, Catchafire volunteering, etc.
  7. Special Connections — for full and part-time jobs and volunteering positions
  8. LinkedIn and Facebook groups



We have created and operated several previous organizations, including the Center for Business Excellence, the Sustainable Leadership Forum, and others, and participated in many networks over the years.







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