“An idea whose time has come”

Part of our core mission is making “restoring the Earth through rebuilding community” an idea whose time has come.

Werner Erhard

This mission has an important precedent. In 1977, Werner Erhard started The Hunger Project, with the goal of making the end of hunger by the end of the century “an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo). While the Hunger Project has not ended hunger it has done an enormous amount to bring attention to it, to help reduce it, and to inspire others to act. And the point is that while hunger didn’t end, the idea that hunger was inevitable was dead, politically. By 2000, the UN and other global bodies were working to end hunger, not just ameliorate it.

But the issue today is greater than hunger; it’s the question of the continuing habitability of the Earth not just for humanity but for all of life as we know it. Apart from human-induced climate change, species extinction and habitat destruction are occurring at unprecedented levels, and until we make the world a better place for everyone we’re not likely to succeed in altering its present self-destructive and ecocidal course.

Our mission is to have people see that it is possible to regenerate the planet, and that what it’s going to take is to regenerate community as the vehicle, or one of the key vehicles. And every area will use appropriate technology, and will need to change mindsets. No two places will use the same approaches.

If you want to make restoring the health of the planet and enhancing its life-supporting capacity an idea whose time has come, you can do it by supporting our fundraising campaign. We accept donations in Common Good Credits, as well as most currencies, PayPal, or our fully-secure merchant account at Eleo.

We’re not alone; in fact we’re one of more than two million groups and organizations seeking to make a difference to life on this planet. But we believe we have some uniquely important solutions to offer, and your donations, co-investments, and involvement will help expand both our efforts and your own.

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