DREEM Financing

DREEM: a possible solution for a wide range of projects

The DREEM model secures a special type of energy services contract to the deed or title of the property, and the cashflow-positive savings on this contract are used to repay the lenders/investors. The contract is for the provision and maintenance of the improvements, and is therefore an operating expense for the owner. The energy services contract may include the creation of a special-purpose vehicle for securing the investment, and may include guarantees of performance and savings.

How Does It Work?

As with PACE, clean energy projects are 100% financed with no upfront costs, and off-balance-sheet. Projects are designed to be cash-flow positive, saving money from the start. Repayment is through an Energy Services Contract registered on title, specifying it as non-callable, non-recourse, and fully transferable on sale. Investment tax credits, solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs), and accelerated depreciation are retained by the investor and taken into account in determining monthly repayments.

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